Product Lineup

Silcot Product Quick Reference

There are six Silcot Wet wipe products in total.

We offer a lineup that you can choose according to your needs.

*Does not eliminate all bacteria.

For those who want to sanitize their

personal items

Wet tissue that can sanitize 99.99% of your kitchen and table surroundings.

Gentle on the skin — for those who

want tosanitize their personal items

To sanitize your personal items.Alcoholic-sanitizing wet tissue that are gentle on your hands.

For those concerned about viruses in their personal belongings

Contains Noroclear Protein®, a naturally derived antiviral ingredient.

♦ Does not eliminate all viruses.

For those looking to sanitize using a non-alcoholic product

Also safe for those who are not comfortable with products that contain alcohol and small children

For those who want to wipe their hands and personal belongings with ease

99% pure water.Gentle on the skin — can used around on your hands and around your mouth.

For those who want to disinfect their hands and skin

This is a quasi-drug disinfectant that can be used to clean and disinfect hands and skin.