Silcot hopes and wishes

Confidence comes from healthy skin

How can we keep a woman's ever-changing skin healthy?
How can we help to make everyday skin care easy and effective?
Silcot brand was born from our wishes to help women like you.

Our product must be trusted by our users because it contacts the skin directly.

Silcot's ultimate mission is to deliver a lotion to the skin gently and deeply. While we select the best material our users can trust, we also use fibers other than cotton.
We also studied skin care methods using cotton puffs, and found that the use of cotton puffs was better for good skin care than fingers alone.
Fluorescent brightening agents are not used.

We help you improve your everyday skin care

You can't find enough time for your morning and evening skin care.

Still, you want to take good care of your skin, and always be smiling and confident.

Silcot is here to help you achieve your goals. We promise you that our unique technology will continue to create the puffs you would choose according to your preference and show you the secret of their amazing use.