Product Information

A new Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton

(Uru-uru Cotton) containing vitamin C!

Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton
(Uru-uru Cotton) Vitamin C PLUS+

Contains new vitamin C derivatives and vitamin B3

40 pads (80 cuts)

Three advantages of

good moist feelings


Contains vitamin C derivatives and

vitamin B3

*Vitamin ingredients are added to the surface of the pad

*Does not contain water


Amazing moisturizer with half the amount of skin lotion*1 

Soaks out moisture quickly 

Sponge structure

*1Compared to our existing products.

*2Compared with the same amount of lotion (tested by Unicharm)


Separate into two sheets and attach firmly to the eye areas

Use for face pack by separating a puff into two sheets. Curved design easily fits the contour of the eye area.

No fluorescent agent added.

We experimented to see
how much difference it makes

Here is a Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton and a conventional puff.

Apply the same amount of colored water to each, and pat them on a paper.

The puff that leaves more color on the paper longer means that it applies more moisture to the paper without absorbing it. It is the proof that the puff applies lotion to skin without wasting a drop.

Do you see how amaging the moist sponge puff is in moisturizing ?

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※1 Intage SRI+ survey; Cumulative sales from January 2017 to May 2021 in the cosmetic cotton market

※2 As of June, 2019

What our users are saying…

We have achieved tremendous satisfaction from our users.

At first, I felt maybe I need to apply more lotion to the puff, but actually that was not the case! It fact it feels the exact opposite, like I had used a lot of lotion.(40 years old)

So impressed!! The puff stayed wet with lotion and I could use it as a cotton face pack after patting with it!! It's large. It doesn't get fuzzy. I'm sold!! You can't imagine the effect until you try it. Wow!(28 years old)

Smooth patting the entire face and down to the décolleté. *With the puff I had been using, I had to add extra lotion half way.(32 years old)

I really felt I was getting more lotion on my skin. I won't have to waste my lotion anymore.(35 years old)

※User testimonials for Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton.

※These are not user testimonials for Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton Vitamin C Plus+

We asked the people who created Silcot

Special care was given to select the best materials for the puff to return lotion to the skin. 

Compared to just pressing lotion into the face by hand, our study demonstrated that patting with cosmetic cotton puffs was more effective for skin care.

The advice for patting is to apply lotion over and over.

For that, we developed a triple-layer material that transferred lotion well.

For the surface layer, we carefully chose a fiber with a round surface (derived from a plant) that was gentle and non-irritating to the skin.

The middle layer has a microsponge structure that is porous and has just the right amount of springiness. It transfers lotion generously at each patting.

Do try out this amazing moisturizing sensation.

Adoption of a shape for effective face pack

We found that adding a face pack after patting enhanced the effectiveness of skin care.

So, we adopted a round shape that perfectly fitted the contours of the edge of the eye area.

The perforation makes it easy to separate a puff into two sheets. We hope the people who think a face pack in the eye area is cumbersome will try it with the cotton puffs.