Product Information

Silcot Soft and Rich
Touch Cotton

Uses 100% Natural cotton which is fluffy, light and moist which provides high quality comfort to the skin.

*The surface uses 100% Natural cotton.

66 puffs

Three advantages of

Soft Touch Cotton


Created light and moist texture by adding moisturizing ingredient* to natural cotton!

Moisturizing ingredient*, used in moisturized tissues, is added to natural cotton!

*No moisturizing effect on the skin


Round cut - no corners

Thoughtful side stitch allows for smooth gliding on your skin


Hidden one-point design

puffs to make you feel happy♪

One in several puffs has an embossed "Happy Clover" motif.

No fuzz means you can use it in many ways.

  • For patting or pressing lotion or milky lotion
  • For wiping or removing makeup with wipe-off lotion or cleansing lotion
  • For using with a facial device or nail polish remover

No fluorescent agent added.

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※1 Intage SRI+ survey; Cumulative sales from January 2017 to May 2021 in the cosmetic cotton market

※2 As of June, 2019

We asked the people who created Silcot

Utmost attention ensures "Gentleness to the skin"

For the surface material, we use only a pure, clean, and long cotton fibers which we have carefully selected from natural cotton.

It is not easy to always ensure fiber of the same quality from natural material. As any change in fiber quality strongly affects texture, the selection of the material is very important.

Our people responsible for the selection always keep sharp eyes on quality. Only fiber that has cleared their standards is used in Soft and Rich Touch puffs.

That's why we are confident that you will be satisfied every time you use Silcot.

We are strict about product specifications. Our puffs should relax both the skin and the mind.

We emphasize peace of mind and a relaxing feel in every part of the "natural material", "fluffiness with thick cotton" and "round shape with no corners". Furthermore, we added moisturizing ingredients to the cotton to create soft and gentle texture. Cotton puff that gives you a sense of elegance and heart-felt beauty.