Practical Edition

Techniques using cotton

We all have an issue or two with our skin. Yet it is difficult to give it correct care.

Here Ms. Kana Inoue, a beauty researcher, answers your questions with effective skin care using cotton puffs on each of six different skin problems.

Other areas are dry, but…

Bothered by shiny

T-zone and pores

I am cleansing my skin very carefully, but…

Cannot eliminate roughness

on the wings of my nose

I know I can't help it when I'm at work, but…

Air-conditioning dries up

my skin everyday

I think I started to get more…

Bothered by crow's feet at the corners of

eyes and visible smile lines

Makeup doesn't help to cover up…

My skin is taut and dull

My base makeup starts to smear…

Is there a good way to retouch my makeup?

Ms. Kana Inoue

Beauty, health and medical journalist, and an expert in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. Writes for a wide range of media, including magazines, books, advertisement and websites. Works as an advisor to beauty care related companies.

With moisturizing cotton

Dryness causes shiny and porous T-zone! Cotton face pack to the rescue!

Skin in the dry T-zone tries to keep it moist by oversupplying sebum. This may make the zone to look shiny.

In order to prevent the shiny look, it is important to replenish moisture in the skin! First, pat the skin with a lotion-soaked cotton puff.

Cotton puffs can deliver moisture better and more evenly than pressing it on with hands.

Do you think cotton puffs waste lotion?

SilcotSponge Touch Moisturizing Cottonuses 50% less lotion*1. It does not seem to absorb moisture; rather release lotion like a spring. Moreover, it does not get fuzzy. It conveniently separates into two pieces so that you can use it for face pack after patting.

※Compared to our existing products

I'm amazed that changing cotton puffs makes this much difference in moistness. It is good that I can re-use it for face pack as it doesn't get fuzzy after pressing treatment.

It feels like my skin I was afraid to use cotton puffs because of friction. This one squirts moisture just by touching the skin. I think I can use it without worrying about my sensitive skin.

With cotton wipes

Cotton wipe care for hard keratin and sebum in delicate areas

Darkened or rough pores are the result of the oxidation of makeup residues, aged keratin and sebum that clog the pores. It can make your skin look dull. The best solution is wiping care using cotton puffs. Cotton puffs can capture and remove fine impurities that can escape face washing. Be careful, however, not to hurt the skin through too much friction; use a cotton puff that is soft on the skin and wipe gently with light pressure. I recommend a face washing technique that removes dirt and roughness using a cotton wipe and clear lotion. It is a time-saving skin care for busy mornings.

Goodbye dullness, hello smoother make-up with the best cotton and clear lotion!

Washing your face with soap - lathering up and rinsing it off - is such a chore on busy mornings. Too much face washing can cause your skin to become dry. If this is you, why not change your morning face-washing routine to a "time-saving cleaning wipe"? You just need to use a cotton wipe soaked with your regular clear lotion. No need to rinse your face. You can finish your morning beauty care, from face-washing to applying make-up, right in front of your mirror. It saves you time and improves the penetration of cosmetics by removing dullness to help make-up ingredients spread better. Two birds with one stone, indeed! As the Silcot Cotton Wipe is made with super-fine fiber, it deep cleans the pores and removes dirt without being hard on your skin.

Cotton Wipes make your morning fresh every day!

I'm surprised to see so much dirt was caught by the Cotton Wipe in the morning even though I washed my face thoroughly the night before. I was worried about the effect of the friction on my skin if I wiped it with cotton puffs. This Cotton Wipe effortlessly removes dirt even when it stubbornly adheres to my skin. It saves time. It's easy. It's going to be my new morning routine - every day!

Recommended for wiping

Silky Touch Cotton Wipes

Smooth finishing

Add milky lotion cotton patting to your daily care of tired skin.

The first step in caring for dry skin is to soften the skin! Daily care is essential. Instead of applying milky lotion by hands, patting the face with lotion-soaked cotton puff is enough to make your skin soft. The skin retains more moisture as lotion applied before and cream after the patting also penetrate into the skin.

Improve your everyday care! Patting with milky lotion-soaked cotton puffs

1.Apply milky lotion evenly all over the cotton puff.

Make sure the lotion is absorbed throughout the cotton puff as milky lotion is hard to spread around.

2.Press the milky lotion on to the cheeks, jaw, forehead and the tip of nose, and pat around evenly.

Applying milky lotion at five points in advance helps even patting.
As if to press your face gently with a cotton puff

3.Pat around eyes, mouth and the wings of the nose

Holding a cotton puff over one finger makes it easy to press lotion into small places.

4.Two-hand press down

Hand pressing get the milky lotion left on the surface penetrate deep and evenly.

Perfect for everyday care

Silcot Velvet Touch

With cotton wipes
With moisturizing cotton

Clear and soft skin with double cotton care consisting of wipe-off and patting

When your skin looks dull, you need to moisturize it below the surface. Here I recommend a double cotton care.
This techniques also works for treating dull skin on elbows and knees.

How do you do "double cotton care"?

First, apply wipe-off lotion to Silcot puff, and wipe your face gently for 30 seconds.

Silcot does not get fuzzy so as to irritate the skin, so it works very well with the wipe-off lotion.

Afterwards, apply moisturizing lotion to Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton, and pat around your face for 30 seconds to replenish moisture well.

I recommend the Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton as it supplies sufficient moisture with a smaller amount of lotion.

1.Apply a clear lotion to a cotton puff.

Soak it well so that the puff does not dry up.

2.Wipe your entire face gently.

Avoid wiping around eyes and mouth where the skin is thin and prone to get dry.

3.Get a new puff and apply a moisturizing lotion to it

After wipe-off with the clear lotion, the skin is easier to penetrable, so press in a little more than usual amount of lotion.

4.Pat all over the face gently.

Remember to moisturize the areas around the eyes and mouth.

Recommended for wiping

Silky Touch Cotton Wipes

With moisturizing cotton

For problem areas, a 60-second "multitasker's face pack" is effective.

When you are troubled by crow's feet, try this amazing "multitasker's face pack" . Skin care is easy even in the mornings when you are pressed for time and the evenings when you are home tired if you do it while you are changing or relaxing.

The "multitasker's face pack" is perfect for the mornings and evenings when you don't have a lot of time.

Soak Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton with a lotion and press it on all over the face. After that, apply the same puff to the outer corner of your eyes for 60 seconds.
As the Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton gives back a generous amount of the lotion, you need to use only a small amount. It also makes a perfect mask as the puff separates into two pieces which fit to the contours of the eyes!

60-second "multitasker's face pack"

1.Press lotion on all over the face

Apply lotion to a Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton and press it around the entire face, just like giving it a gentle massage.

2.Tear the puff used in 1. into two sheets.

Tearing along the perforation helps for clean separation.

3.Place one sheet each on the lower eyelids for pack

You can add lotion if your skin feels too dry. The "multitasker's care" is easy even in busy mornings.

4.Remove the puffs, and that's it.

"Multitasker's face pack" with olive oil

1.Soak cotton puffs in olive oil.

Spread the oil all over the inside the puff.

2.Place the separated puffs on the outer corners of your eyes.

Attach them firmly where crow's feet or dryness is visible

3.Remove the puffs, and wipe off excess olive oil

You can use a hot towel to remove oil!

With premium cotton

For touching up makeup, wipe the face gently with a Soft Touch Cotton first.

Cotton puffs are great for touching up makeup!
Use a dry Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton to wipe off make up instead of oil removing paper. It leaves the foundation intact while removing excess sebum.
Next, replenish moisture using a spray-on type lotion, and then pat on milky lotion or makeup base with a cotton puff. This will prevent drying of the skin and takes the re-applied foundation well. To save puffs, use one side of the puff to remove sebum and the other side to press on the base.

Is it OK to wipe off makeup with a dry puff?

As Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton uses natural cotton that is gentle on the skin, it does not irritate your skin even if it is dry.
As the same moisturizing ingredient used in moisturized tissues* has been added to natural cotton, wiping off makeup is really gentle.

Perfect for touching up makeup!

Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton

We have tried it because….

I've been bothered by my shiny T-zone. I've often used a pore pack to prevent roughness and dullness of my pores.

Ms. Asaoka (29)

I'm bothered by roughness on the wings of my nose, but with my sensitive skin, I didn't know what to do. I have never tried cotton puffs either.

Ms. Kaneda (24)

I started to notice visible pores on my nose and cheeks. They bother me. I do apply cotton face pack every night. I'm conscientious about good skin care.

Ms. Sato (31)

I have dryness problem all year round, perhaps because I work in a well air-conditioned office. I don't have a lot of time for skin care on weekdays -- about 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Ms. Fujimoto (30)

I work in office all day. I've been feeling my skin getting taut due to dryness since my late twenties. Crow's feet started to bother me too.

Ms. Takei (30)

I can't spare a lot of time for skin care as I am extremely busy at work and in private life. I'm bothered by the dullness of my skin, but have no idea how to care for it as my skin is sensitive.

Ms. Taniguchi (30)