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Advantages of using cotton Cotton maximizes the effects of skin care over hands!?


Cotton puffs make

moistness last longer

Don't you think that using cotton puffs seems wasteful, or that pressing with hands can let lotion penetrate the skin more deeply than using puffs?

A joint study of skin care methods by Unicharm and an outside research agency found that patting with cosmetic cotton puffs was more useful in skin care than pressing with hands.

For the results of the study, see the

> 2009 Uni-charm press release.


Cotton puffs are

more effective

than "splashing on with hands".

Patting on with cotton puffs are more effective in three ways than pressing on with hands:

  1. Letting lotion penetrate deep into pores.
  2. Tightening pores
  3. Keeping makeup from smearing

Compared to the use of hands, using cotton puffs make it possible to tighten pores in addition to deeper penetration of lotion into skin
Lotion becomes warm when it is applied by hand, leaving the pores open and allowing the supply of moisture to dry faster. When pores are tightened, the skin will feel cool and clinging to your hands. This keeps makeup intact much longer.