Beginners Edition Step3

Points for selecting cotton Selecting the right cotton is imperative for skin care!


Products that are

smooth on the skin

and pleasant to use, and have

no frayed fibers

Fraying fibers subject the stratum corneum to fine scratches, which may lead to skin trouble. Select products with fine and smooth fibers.
Cotton products that use natural cotton and contain a moisturizing agent in the same way as moisturizing tissues are recommended.
Providing soft, airy, gentle skin contact.


Products that make sure face lotion is

absorbed into the skin

Cotton that absorbs too much face lotion means that less lotion reaches the skin, and the friction this causes can result in skin damage.
Products with a cotton filler that provides the skin with sufficient face lotion in the same way as a sponge, and plant-based rayon products are recommended.


Using a face pack after patting results in

two birds with one stone

Treat the delicate areas around the eyes and those troublesome laughter lines to the effects of a cotton face pack!
Cotton face packs that can be divided into two after patting are very useful.